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Foals 2023

This has been a very busy breeding and foaling season for us! Excited to have the following mares/foals well past their heartbeat checks. We welcome the first foal early March!

1. Casallco x Juneau (Kannan x Kenwood)
2. Balou du Rouet x Nearly Midnight (Coronado WW x Diabolo d’Esquelmes)
3. Quidam Blue x Zeggita (Coconut Grove x Indoctro)
4. Tangelo x Nid D’Amour (Zirocco Blue x Darco)
5. Chacco Blue II x Maeberry (Dakar vdl x Baltic)
6. Chaccothage Blue x Zegg (Indoctro x Quidam)
7. Nixon x Maeberry (Dakar vdl x Baltic)
8. Cosmeo x Cassiopeia Stardust (Cassini II x Lancetto)
9. Chacfly x Eloise Z (Epsom Gesmeray x Lux Z)

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